Using next best action to inform your engagement strategy

We have been inundated with discussions about big data. Information that can help inform decision making is an output of nearly every phase in life sciences. The industry, with the increased use of digital channels, has been able to collect more data but is this being used to optimise their HCP engagement strategies?

Pharma companies are constantly communicating with HCPs. The latest data on treatments for disease and medical conditions is essential to ensuring patients receive the best care. However, HCPs are time-poor, and pharma needs to find ways of optimising their engagement to provide targeted information when and how they want it.

An article on written by Aktana looks at how technology can play a part in your engagement strategy. They highlight the benefit of specialised solution providers who together, can enable pharma to create a best-of-breed ecosystem to ensure they provide HCPs with relevant and timely data. They emphasise the importance of building layers of strategy and information which alongside technology, can help generate powerful next best action insights, allowing pharma to build detailed profiles of what their key stakeholders want.

Sales and medical teams can use this data to plan and implement their engagement strategies and by feeding it into a wider ecosystem of specialist solutions, pharma can better measure its impact and adjust future plans to suit.

Tangent90 are a specialist solution provider and Veeva Silver Technology Partner. Our solutions can sit within pharma’s existing ecosystem, allowing them to share scientific content. Copyright content such as ePrints, quick-take videos and article research summaries can be shared directly with the HCP via pharma’s existing channels, either initiated by the representative or as a consequence of the suggested next best action. In return, engagement with the scientific content will enrich the understanding of the HCP and their interests. Using our solutions, readily available digital content from reputable publishers can be shared at scale in the knowledge that Tangent90’s Trustrack solution addresses the associated challenges such as copyright protection and commercial condition adherence effectively and seamlessly.

To find out more about how Tangent90 can support your omnichannel HCP engagement requirements, please contact us at

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