Why relevance and impact are so important for HCPs

Making an impact attracts attention. Doesn’t it? Well, yes but only if the subject of the impact is relevant to the person being impacted. It is more than just capturing someone’s focus. For it to resonate, it needs to be timed to perfection and the subject be of specific relevance to the recipient.

This is particularly true for HCPs. An article in Pharmaphorum highlights what pharma needs to consider when planning their HCP engagement strategies. Physicians across the globe are still dealing with the fallout from the pandemic. Not only are hospital waiting lists at a record level but there are also new diseases to learn about, old diseases returning to the fore and the very real threat of a new pandemic just around the corner. We have learnt that diseases can spread at an alarming rate and that, together with the rest of an HCP’s workload, means they need to learn fast and learn smart.

So what can pharma do to help? HCPs need content that is specifically relevant to them at that particular moment in time. Knowing the therapeutic area enables pharma to identify what the latest disease types and conditions are and what the latest research is and where to find it. The published research is available in multiple formats, from more consumable short-form content, such as MOA videos or article research summaries, to the highly valued digital ePrint copies of the original journal article.

Once collated, the information can be shared with the HCP via any of pharma’s channels using Trustrack. Trustrack ensures the publisher’s copyright and terms and conditions are met, as well as adhering to any local regulatory requirements, such as transfer of value acceptance and recording.

If you would like to find out more about how Trustrack can help you drive greater HCP engagement, please contact us at [email protected].


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