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Breaking point – why modular content is in demand

The use of digital communications comes with new challenges when compared to the traditional paper era. Whilst virtual events and online publications and documents are nothing new, the increased reliance on them is, and there is a danger that digital fatigue could set in if the content is not tailored to the user.

A recent article in Pharmaphorum in conjunction with Veeva, talked about how HCPs are demanding more out of their digital content. Two years on from the start of the pandemic, demand is still high, and marketers are under pressure to deliver greater volumes of content across multiple channels.

There are several factors to consider to make sure your communications are appropriate. HCPs need quick and easily accessible content. How does pharma ensure that the content being shared is not only personalised but more importantly, relevant to the user? Then we need to look at what happens once that content has been shared? It is common for digital content to be repurposed for different uses, channels and even recipients. How can pharma manage and track this content at scale to identify how it is being used, where and by whom?

Veeva has published a whitepaper that looks at how a modular approach is a flexible, scalable way to create digital content at an accelerated pace. Modular content allows pharma to break down the detail to provide it in manageable and digestible chunks. This works perfectly for the time-poor HCPs.

Tangent90 are a Veeva Silver Technology Partner. Our solutions enable pharma to share scientific content using a modular omnichannel approach. Copyright content such as ePrints, quick-take videos and article research summaries can be shared directly with the HCP via pharma’s existing channels, including instant messaging platforms, mass email, banner advertising, at virtual, hybrid or in-person meetings and events, or self-service on websites. Using our solutions, readily available digital content from reputable publishers can be shared at scale in the knowledge that Tangent90’s Trustrack solution addresses the associated challenges such as copyright protection and commercial condition adherence effectively and seamlessly.

To find out more about how Tangent90 can support your omnichannel HCP engagement requirements, please contact us at

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