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Extending the reach of your content

According to Wyzowl (The State of Video Marketing 2022), 92% of marketers consider video to be a key component of their marketing strategy – up 18% since 2015. With usage on the increase and a one minute recording said to be worth about 1.8 million words (Forrester Research: How Video Will Take Over The World), the potential of video content is hard to ignore.


Video content remains important

Sites such as YouTube and Vimeo enable content producers to access a global audience. And yet 69% of marketers said they are yet to start using video content to support their efforts, citing reasons such as being unsure where to start, and concerns about time, resources, and budget. The limitation seems to be the expertise, software, equipment and cost required to produce high quality video content.

In pharma, video content remains important. How to extend the reach of key clinical data was a theme that ran across the European Meeting of ISMPP (International Society for Medical Publication Professionals) in 2019 and 2020. It is a challenge that pharma professionals face every day – how to communicate the latest study findings clearly and concisely, providing the necessary evidence that HCPs want to see.  

There are endless opportunities with Nar8r

  • Capture and share narrations on-site, at the congress via a Resource Centre contactless code added to posters. Which means that passing delegates can rate content, add comments, complete a survey or download the poster, where appropriate
  • Training for reps: provide narrations for new CLM slides or a walkthrough of e-detail flow, reducing the need for formal classroom-style training
  • An interactive leaflet: provide meaningful content to patients and update the content should new guidelines/ therapies emerge
  • An e-learning module for MSLs: add an additional learning method to the overall learning process, which can be easily updated
  • Can be integrated with existing Resource Centre platforms to provide added-value to existing content

Extend the reach of your clinical data

Nar8r enables authors to extend the reach of their clinical data by allowing you to convert your content from pure text and static images into an MP4 which can be shared via multiple channels to reach a wider audience. The content is enhanced by visually navigating and narrating it to create a valuable video output that can be shared across multiple channels. It is a simplified and quick to use solution, enabling you to efficiently explain and enhance the presentation of scientific content, without prior technological understanding.

Suitable for both internal and external communications, the solution is an efficient way to create useful training content for your team. The content can be imported and exported into a variety of CMS and CRM platforms. Accessed as a web app via your laptop or tablet computer, you simply upload any content as a PDF, such as posters, clinical papers, slide decks, short videos or infographics, and record a visual walk-through with your voice-over commentary. These short videos can be created in minutes and allow presenters to record and edit their commentary to create a video description of their content.  

Key Benefits

  • Simple ease of use – no prior video editing experience required
  • Voice over recorded chapters allow user to add context to the content. These can be recorded continuously until user is satisfied
  • The laser pointer can highlight specific areas or details during a chosen chapter
  • Zoom feature allows easy navigation around documents, zooming in and narrating specific areas of interest
  • Easy and straightforward compatibility with your content approval processes 

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“Trustrack is agile and responsive, allowing us to quickly ramp up to meet increasing demand. To date we’ve seen a 75% increase in rep usage, with the solution now implemented across the UK, Ireland and France, along with Spain.”
Gerard Akkerhuis
Daiichi Sankyo Europe
"When I want to share documents with 50 people I already know, I don’t need anything complicated – just a simple click of a button. Content is even more valuable when you have a usable platform for sharing it. The Information Centre gives us that."
Dr Oliver Hegener​
"For many years Springer Healthcare have recognised that Tangent90 are one step ahead of the pack in realising the value of publisher owned content in supporting medical and commercial education."
Callum Land​
Springer Healthcare Ltd

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