Need to scale up fast? Ready-made content can help

Veeva recently published an eBook which discusses the best practice approach for supporting emerging pharma to launch and scale content faster. It focuses on how digital communications have allowed field teams to spend more quality time with HCPs – in fact, engagement with HCPs has increased contact time by over 500% – but consequently, they need content faster. What can pharma’s brand teams do to support the increase needed?

The eBook covers the foundation. There needs to be a launch strategy in place. A content plan, review process and clear communication to the relevant stakeholders. Medical, legal and regulatory (MLR) processes could be automated to speed up approval times. The use of channels should be optimised for the best reach. Variety is the spice of life as they say, so ensure you don’t forget to sprinkle your content far and wide! Lastly, you need to measure your impact. Understanding which content is resonating with your target audience allows you to refine the strategy, and so the process repeats. This approach is fine for new content that requires approval but what about ready-made content? ePrints navigate the approval process quicker because they are peer-reviewed by the leading publishers and would allow pharma to scale its content faster.

Tangent90 are a specialist solution provider and Veeva Silver Technology Partner. Our solutions can sit within pharma’s existing ecosystem, allowing them to share pre-approved scientific content. ePrints, quick-take videos and article research summaries can be shared directly with the HCP via pharma’s existing channels. This quick and easy solution addresses the need to up-scale content development whilst at the same time, enhancing engagement with the HCP by providing them with relevant research on their specific area of interest. Using our solutions, readily available digital content from reputable publishers can be shared at scale in the knowledge that Tangent90’s Trustrack solution addresses the associated challenges such as copyright protection and commercial condition adherence effectively and seamlessly.

To find out more about how Tangent90 can support you to manage your scientific content distribution, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

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