There are many questions to consider when looking for a new software solution

Why do we need a solution? Will it help us reduce time to market? What does our target audience respond best to? Have we tested the market to understand demand? Alongside the use case questions, there are also the more practical, such as does it integrate with our existing software? Do we need to track value transfer? Will I need to login to numerous systems? Doesn’t our existing solution have that functionality already? How much does it cost? 


Configured For Your Specific Market Needs

Trustrack is unique and helps you avoid the pitfalls of off-the-shelf solutions. We work with you to configure the solution to address your specific market needs. It can be deployed within your local CRM, providing a seamless link with your existing workflows and processes.  

As well as seamlessly linking with the multichannel Veeva CRM, it also works within IQVIA OCE, Exeevo Omnipresence, Salesforce and other major CRMs enabling global medical and commercial teams to access journal articles and peer-reviewed scientific content (ePrints) for convenient and compliant sharing with HCPs. 

How Trustrack improves HCP engagement

  • Improving the open rate success of rep triggered emails
  • Detailing and sharing scientific content via in-person meetings
  • Monitoring the HCPs clinical journey via the content they engage with and updating the records within your CRM
  • Incorporating scientific content within CLM and sharing clinical studies
  • Providing next-best-action suggestions to deliver targeted messaging
  • Making it easy to track value transparency

How does Trustrack work with Veeva?

Scientific content (ePrints) is hosted within Trustrack to ensure copyright compliance is adhered to.

  • Trustrack provides you with all of the Veeva specific capabilities required for seamless distribution to the HCP.
  • Trustrack has full personalisation capabilities for ePrint sharing to utilise Veeva data and tailor the experience for each HCP.
  • No integration is required to enable Trustrack to work with Veeva.

How Trustrack provides a seamless link with Veeva CRM:

Onboarding is simple. Rather than other software systems that can take many months to implement and necessitates the involvement of numerous internal departments, Trustrack requires no complicated IT infrastructure, taking no more than a few weeks depending on your requirements. Some customers have even been able to use it within days!

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Customer Testimonials

“Trustrack is agile and responsive, allowing us to quickly ramp up to meet increasing demand. To date we’ve seen a 75% increase in rep usage, with the solution now implemented across the UK, Ireland and France, along with Spain.”
Gerard Akkerhuis
Daiichi Sankyo Europe
"When I want to share documents with 50 people I already know, I don’t need anything complicated – just a simple click of a button. Content is even more valuable when you have a usable platform for sharing it. The Information Centre gives us that."
Dr Oliver Hegener​
"For many years Springer Healthcare have recognised that Tangent90 are one step ahead of the pack in realising the value of publisher owned content in supporting medical and commercial education."
Callum Land​
Springer Healthcare Ltd

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