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How do you solve the problem of managing copyright in a digital setting? It’s an issue that faces many industries, and pharma is no exception. For pharma customers’ content is king, with research being carried out to develop new products that address the ever-changing global health situation.

Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Talented and diverse - Our team comprises innovators, developers, practical problem solvers and client services professionals, whose breadth of experience across a wide range of industries, enables us to deliver intuitive solutions to complex challenges.

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Looking for a new challenge? - If you are passionate about science and technology, want to provide new ideas for how pharma engages with HCPs, or even love the techy stuff and feel you would be a valuable member of our team, why not get in touch.

Drive better access and ongoing engagement

The desired output from the research is new publications about the latest treatments or new data for existing products. Physicians want and trust peer-reviewed published data which gives them a complete picture of particular treatment options and the insight to support clinical decision making, however how that content is shared can pose a challenge to pharma.

The traditional approach to HCP engagement has changed – partially influenced by the pandemic but the evolution of digital approaches was already underway. Sharing third-party copyright published material, such as clinical papers has historically been fulfilled via a physical reprint. The content of each reprint belongs to the source publication and pharma are required to purchase licences per reprint to enable sharing of this content with HCPs.

Tangent90 enables pharma to drive better access and ongoing engagement with healthcare professionals using innovative digital solutions to distribute and support communication of scientific copyright content.

About Tangent90

We go beyond expectation

The digital evolution has resulted in the ePrint – a digital copy of the published material with a more cost-efficient licence model. Our innovative solutions work seamlessly with the incumbent CRM, enabling reps to share scientific content in the form of an ePrint, capture consent and remain compliant whilst tracking every interaction. 

Utilising our extensive knowledge of the life sciences industry and working with a network of partners we trust and who trust us, we offer unique solutions which focus on removing hurdles for effective communication such as copyright and publisher term and condition compliance, regulatory requirements, ease of use and ease of access.
We go beyond expectation – continually enhancing the solution to incorporate new and innovative channels, working with publishers to deliver new content discovery capabilities, and delivering approaches to increase efficiency.
Together we deliver fast, cost-effective, compliant distribution of scientific content that meets the needs of HCPs and enables the pharmaceutical industry to manage efficiencies and drive successful customer engagement.

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“Trustrack is agile and responsive, allowing us to quickly ramp up to meet increasing demand. To date we’ve seen a 75% increase in rep usage, with the solution now implemented across the UK, Ireland and France, along with Spain.”
Gerard Akkerhuis
Daiichi Sankyo Europe
"When I want to share documents with 50 people I already know, I don’t need anything complicated – just a simple click of a button. Content is even more valuable when you have a usable platform for sharing it. The Information Centre gives us that."
Dr Oliver Hegener​
"For many years Springer Healthcare have recognised that Tangent90 are one step ahead of the pack in realising the value of publisher owned content in supporting medical and commercial education."
Callum Land​
Springer Healthcare Ltd

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