Taking advantage of the HCP access rebound

The latest Veeva Pulse Field Trends Report is out and it discusses the change in access to HCPs. Even pre-pandemic, face-to-face meetings were in decline but the report highlights that this has bounced back, and some. The figure now sits at 60% across all specialities and it is clear that how interactions take place has changed.

Alongside in-person meetings, video interaction has grown. Interestingly there is also a correlation between video calls and an increase in face-to-face meetings. Data from the report shows a 2.5x increase in rep meetings with oncologists where a mixture of video calls and in-person meetings was used, as opposed to in-person alone.

It also highlights a disparity in access depending on which pharma company is trying to make contact – different specialities have different response rates to contact and communication differs across pharma significantly. The main takeaway from the report is that digitally-enabled reps have seen more success. It is, therefore, important to equip your reps with the right tools to make this process easier and ensure the HCP experience is relevant. And this includes enabling reps to share copyright scientific content in the form of ePrints directly with HCPs as part of their continuous dialogue. As recent research shows, HCPs are far more likely to change prescribing habits based on original journal content.

Tangent90 solutions support pharma companies to compliantly realise this distribution – in the rep channel as well as across all owned and third-party channels, for ePrints as well as related content  As a leading SaaS company, we work with 15 out of the top 25 global pharma companies. Our credentials are further evidenced by our Veeva Silver Certified Technology Partners status – one of the first-ever partners to achieve Silver status and of course the publishing industry partnerships. This well-established relationship enables us to deliver solutions that work in harmony with pharma’s existing ecosystem, allowing them to share digital copyright content directly with HCPs through pharma’s existing channels as well as third-party channels.

To find out more about how Tangent90 can support you to manage your scientific content distribution, please contact us at hello@tangent90.com.

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The value of digital content continues to grow

The Veeva Pulse Field Trends Report covers 80% of HCP-rep interactions, making it the largest-ever analysis and provides valuable insights into the pharma industry and establishes a benchmark for HCP engagement across the globe. The latest report focuses on the increasing prevalence of digital content.

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Gaining better access to HCPs

HCPs have become more selective as to which pharma companies they will engage with. An average of 65% of accessible HCPs in Europe limit meetings to fewer than three companies, with greater restrictions in the UK. This presents pharma’s field teams with a challenge, so what can reps do to optimise the contact they do get?

Rob Koster

Tangent90 Continues to Grow

Tangent90 Ltd, a leading technology company that enables pharma to overcome the challenges of sharing scientific digital content with healthcare professionals, welcome the appointment of Rob Koster as Key Account Director.

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