Harnessing data-driven HCP engagement

How often do we wonder if the content we have shared has been looked at? Whether it’s via email, from a congress booth, or a website, we share content with our target audience constantly. For pharma, this content can be the difference between an HCP prescribing their drug or not. It is, therefore, important to understand what happens to that content after the initial interaction with the HCP.

A whitepaper recently featured in Pharmaphorum, discusses the importance of unlocking the data we capture throughout the engagement timeline with an HCP. Whilst data is being continually collected through every interaction, pharma needs to better utilise its digital systems and the data they hold to help inform its strategy moving forward. This is achieved through the comprehensive profile that is built for each HCP, which highlights their communication preferences, as well as how they use the information they receive. The paper also references a report in which a survey found that 58% of HCPs want more scientific content and 37% want that content to be tailored to their patient population. This further highlights the opportunity for pharma to use the data it collects to learn more about its target audience and enables it to personalise the content it shares.

Through the ability to share scientific content such as ePrints, Tangent90 provide pharma with additional data points. These insights complement the existing data that pharma already has. We provide the key usage data on scientific content engagement, which enables marketers to identify the type of scientific content HCPs engage with, as well as which channels they prefer for this type of communication. In addition, we can highlight related content which may be relevant to the HCP to close the loop after the online engagement. Insights such as these can be fed into the next-best-action approach, with delivering scientific content that is aligned with HCP interests of course being a key next-best-action option.

As a Silver Technology Partner of Veeva Systems, our marketing-leading SaaS solutions help pharma leverage scientific content in all channels, including Veeva and help close the loop by feeding the data back into Veeva CRM.

To find out more about how Tangent90 can support you to manage your scientific content distribution, please contact us at [email protected].

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