The first-party data opportunity

The pharma industry is embracing the digital revolution and with that the opportunity to use more readily available data. However, effective digital engagement only works if first-party data (information a company collects directly from its customers and owns) is collected and subsequently used properly.

An article in Pharmaceutical Executive highlights that using digital channels without capturing first-party data is a missed opportunity for pharma. However, it also emphasises the importance of pharma being aware of growing data compliance and privacy restrictions, such as the loss of third-party data more traditionally collected by marketers.

To avoid reliance on data which is outside of our control, first-party data offers a significant opportunity to customise our approach, not only to what data we collect but how we then use it to inform our communication with HCPs.

Tangent90 enable pharma to share copyright ePrint content which helps drive engagement with HCPs. This content engagement provides another source of first-party data that via detailed analytics, allows pharma to fully understand how ePrint content is consumed and as a result, optimise their ongoing approach.

As a Silver Technology Partner of Veeva Systems, we help pharma close the loop by feeding the data collected when sharing scientific content, back into Veeva CRM. Our market-leading SaaS solutions provide additional data points that help pharma build a complete picture of their target audience. This first-party data enables marketers to see what ePrint content an HCP has engaged with, as well as which channels they prefer, helping pharma customise their approach. This information can then be passed on to the sales reps so that they can better understand the HCP needs and optimise each engagement opportunity.

Pharma must place a higher value on the interaction data it collects. The additional insights that our solutions provide will help better inform pharma about ongoing HCP engagement, empowering them to further customise their approach and improve outcomes.

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Tangent90 Ltd, a leading technology company that enables pharma to overcome the challenges of sharing scientific digital content with healthcare professionals, welcome the appointment of Rob Koster as Key Account Director.

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