The value of digital content continues to grow

We always eagerly await the quarterly Veeva Pulse Field Trends Report. Covering 80% of HCP-rep interactions (making it the largest-ever analysis) it provides valuable insights into the pharma industry and establishes a benchmark for HCP engagement across the globe.

The latest report focuses on the increasing prevalence of digital content. Among the highlights is that rep calls that share digital content drive 2.5x new patient starts over those where content is not included. Despite this, field teams only share content in 39% of their meetings. This underlines the opportunity for pharma to optimise HCP engagement by using scientific content. As the report suggests, sharing digital content has benefits beyond clinical decision-making and HCP education. For example, sharing published scientific content can be an effective way to extend HCP-rep meeting value; it can create opportunities for follow-up touchpoints via digital channels; and give your team valuable, measurable data on content effectiveness and HCP preferences.

The most significant outcome of the report is that field teams that use scientific content the most outpace lagging companies at a rate of 4:1. If ever there was a compelling reason to make published scientific content a key part of your HCP engagement strategy, then this must be it! Pharma is creating content. The report showed that biopharmas created 20% more content than the previous year. However, 77% of that content is rarely or never used by field teams. So, why does pharma continue to allocate resources to creating content when it could make better use of ready-made highly valued content?

Tangent90 can enable pharma to better utilise its content. Using our flagship solution Trustrack, pharma can share copyright scientific content directly with HCPs using pharma’s existing channels. Not only does it allow the rep to instantly share the content the HCP values, but it also tracks usage of that content from the point of engagement. These insights are stored back into your CRM and provide rich data on HCP scientific content utilisation, channel use, value transfer and consent captured in the interaction.

To find out more about how Tangent90 can support you to manage your scientific content distribution, please contact us at [email protected].

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