Gaining better access to HCPs

HCPs have become more selective as to which pharma companies they will engage with. According to an article in Pharmaphorum, an average of 65% of accessible HCPs in Europe limit meetings to fewer than three companies. In the UK it is more restricted, with almost all accessible HCPs limiting meetings to fewer than two companies. This presents pharma’s field teams with a challenge. With access differing between specialities as well as regulatory and cultural factors to consider, what can reps do to optimise the contact they do get?

According to a global publisher, 86% of HCPs would likely or more likely change their prescribing habits based on clinical trial information published in its original form in a medical journal. This is in addition to Across Health Navigator365TM Core Research which highlighted that on average the delivery of ePrints (digital versions of reprints) and other downloadable content, such as copyright peer-reviewed scientific publications, scores highest for HCPs in the EU4, UK and US. However, access to this content remains limited, offering a significant opportunity for pharma field teams to engage with HCPs by offering them something they value. To do this and remain compliant with copyright and the publisher’s terms and conditions, you need to have an appropriate solution in place.

Tangent90 enables pharma to share copyright content, allowing compliant distribution and tracking of published peer-reviewed scientific publications helping to drive meaningful engagement with HCPs. This valued content can be shared via any of pharma’s existing channels, such as Veeva CRM Approved Email, at medical congresses, or from the pharma portal.

As one of the first Silver Certified Veeva Technology Partners, our solutions align with Veeva CRM, feeding all interaction data back into pharma’s existing systems. This provides pharma with valuable insights about every interaction and, enables them to tailor future communications, helping inform the next-best action approach.

To find out more about how Tangent90 can support you to manage your scientific content distribution, please contact us at [email protected].

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