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What is Trustrack

  • The leading solution that enables Pharma companies to digitally distribute copyright and peer-reviewed scientific content to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs)
  • Reliably manages, distributes and tracks copyright content via instant messaging platforms, mass email, banner advertising, at virtual, hybrid or in-person meetings and events, or self-service on websites
  • Tracks the copyright content and the associated Value Transfer to named HCPs, ensuring compliance with regional and local regulations and codes of practice such as the US Sunshine Act
  • Provides rich data on HCP scientific content consumption, channel use, Value Transfer and consent status
  • Deployed easily as an integral part of any Customer Relationship Management platform (CRM)
  • Takes weeks, not months to implement whether for a single brand, a region, or globally across all brands
  • Efficiently captures consent in 2-clicks, where needed when the customer accesses your content, and makes HCP consent data available for your CRM or other platform where consent is managed

Create value for you and your customers with Trustrack

Build credible, lasting relationships with HCPs, by efficiently sharing peer-reviewed content they value most, as soon as it is available
Engage with new and hard-to-reach customers by providing them access to valuable scientific content and drive consent
Drive better customer experience and tailor customer journeys through enhanced insights and targeted content
Maximise ePrint and content investment, by ensuring each copy reaches a target HCP, via their preferred digital channel
Balance copyright compliance with content restriction levels through Trustrack’s unique “stamp and track” approach
Adhere to local and global compliance, customised to user and market. Track and report on Value Transfer, and embed Prescribing Information according to your workflow

Drive HCP digital engagement with Trustrack

Trustrack works with any CRM, to help drive HCP engagement with peer-reviewed content and provides you with valuable insight into the content consumption and channel preference of your customers

Customer-facing teams

  • Share supporting evidence during a customer engagement, via an eDetail or a rep triggered email using Trustrack
  • Use your ‘next best action’ functionality, or equivalent, to suggest to reps how to best utilize peer-reviewed, copyright content with their customers
  • During a group meeting, share content via Trustrack Links in the chat window, or instant messaging platform


  • Marketing automation: drive the most value from the copyright content you have procured, by reaching a wider customer base and managing the distribution through your marketing automation capabilities, including mass emailing

The Trustrack solution works seamlessly within Veeva, enabling global medical and commercial teams to access portfolios of scientific content for compliant sharing with HCPs, through Veeva CRM 

  • Use Veeva Suggestions to drive optimal distribution of copyright content to HCPs
  • Build on the open rate success of Veeva Approved Email by sharing valued, peer-reviewed content with Trustrack, via Approved Email
  • Incorporate scientific content within CLM and send via Trustrack
  • Include all details of the copyright scientific content usage on the HCP’s timeline in Veeva: publication name, date, time, value, etc.

Drive consent capture and grow your customer base, with self-service, peer-reviewed content on your website

Using Trustrack to manage copyright content on your website enables you to gain further insights into HCP engagement and further maintain your ePrint or content investment

  • Trustrack integrates with the HCP authentication process, delivering a smooth experience for the HCP, by auto populating the download form
  • Consent is requested and efficiently captured when the HCP downloads the content
  • All insights on HCP content consumption through this channel can be easily pushed back into your CRM for immediate visibility for sales and marketing teams

Using Trustrack technology on your kiosk, significantly increases the ROI for congresses and events, and provides an intuitive and valuable experience for HCPs who visit your booth

  • Whilst reps are busy talking to customers, you can engage other visitors and initiate meaningful interactions with them, by making valuable content easily accessible via iPads or touchscreens
  • Trustrack integrates with the congress lead retrieval system and enables you to identify each HCP who accesses your kiosk
  • Ensure compliance by setting parameters for access to all your content, so HCPs from specific regions or countries are only able to access the content intended for them
  • Extend your customer reach and gain consent for further communications by offering valuable content to engage them, that is easy to access, in a self-serve environment
  • All insights on HCP content consumption through this channel can be easily pushed back into your CRM for immediate visibility for sales and marketing teams, closing the loop

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