Top 10 Global Pharma company increases HCP access to ePrints
by 46% for rare disease portfolio

The implementation of Trustrack has proved so successful, that it has been rolled out to another rare disease business unit covering 15 offices worldwide.
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Scientific evidence for rare diseases is itself rare

One of the top 10 global pharma companies recognised the importance of providing HCPs with quick and easy access to key scientific content and was keen to provide breaking data to their customer base promptly.

Their global team had been looking for a way for their local offices to distribute digital reprints (ePrints) via Veeva CRM and IQVIA Mobile Intelligence. The pharma company partnered with
Springer Healthcare for the procurement of all scientific content and associated services.
Springer Healthcare and Tangent90 work in partnership to ensure the compliant sharing of scientific content via the pharma company’s distribution channels using their flagship solution, Trustrack.

The initial deployment was organised to roll out Trustrack to 10 local offices of which France was a key participant. The pilot enabled 20 reps in France to share copyright scientific content supplied by Springer Healthcare direct to HCPs using Trustrack smart links in Veeva CRM Approved Email. In the first 12 months, 46% were opened and 36% were clicked through to access the ePrint.

Transforming communication with a niche target audience

Springer Healthcare and Tangent90 have enabled the pharma company to overcome the challenge of communicating with a very targeted audience in an efficient and timely manner.

The pharma company was delighted with the results. Following the successful pilot, the outcome was showcased on a global team call which resulted in an immediate request from another rare disease global brand team. Two further manuscripts for yet another rare disease have been rolled out and a further two are planned for later in 2022. In addition, a global project for the original rare disease is now underway with Tangent90 and Springer Healthcare.


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Share published scientific content compliantly with HCPs through any of your channels. Including at congress, messaging apps, Veeva Approved Email and more!

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Top 10 Global Pharma company increases HCP access to ePrints
by 46% for rare disease portfolio

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