The ePrint Opportunity

A strategic approach to customer engagement

An ePrint is a digital version of the reprint, the (typically) peer-reviewed scientific journal article published by trusted journals. Pharmaceutical marketing teams increasingly rely on ePrints to distribute trusted information and through that, create awareness of the therapeutic areas and brands they manage. With digital engagement becoming more desirable with HCPs, pharma has an opportunity to leverage ePrint and related content strategically across the customer engagement journey.


High value digital content

Across Health Navigator365™ Core research in 2021 highlighted that ePrints and digital content are considered to hold high value by HCPs (in the EU4, UK and US) when delivered directly via email to the HCP or through provisioning in their portal. And this is where the opportunity is: Pharma companies have deep insights in HCPs, with access to rich profiles and years of interaction history and can deliver relevant ePrint content that is aligned with the HCP needs and interests directly to the HCP through their preferred channels that have the highest impact. This customer centric, personalised approach will not only make the HCP more likely to engage but also helps pharma to drive customer acquisition. And it’s a service that is not yet widely offered by pharma companies, creating immediate opportunities for competitive differentiation.

ePrints are a convenient solution that offer a rapid return on investment. With Trustrack they are quick to distribute in any channel, driving greater reach and engagement, with barriers such as copyright protection and local compliance requirements tackled as part of the solution. Cost savings can be significant due to global content visibility, aggregating demand, global procurement, and distribution flexibility.

“There has been a significant increase in the number of HCPs viewing and downloading ePrints since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Springer ePrint data

Springer Healthcare

There are plenty of options to start your journey. Here are some of the common ones.

Strategic ePrint Enablement

With the foundational ePrint distribution capability in place, the journey to strategic customer engagement through ePrints begins. 

Whether this is through;

  • direct linking from claim to ePrint.
  • extending channel consent.
  • leveraging the value of ePrints to capture customer interests.
  • balancing the personal ePrint delivery with completion of execution.
  • leveraging the initial email clickthrough to broader portal engagement.
  • targeted ePrint distribution.
  • launch or new indication approval.
  • third party portal connects. 
  • LinkedIn personalised distribution. 

The opportunities are endless. And of course, ultimately, incorporation of ePrint led engagement in your cross channel next-best-action approach distribution. With each of these approaches delivering value to the HCP with continuous science led customer engagement as a result.

Providing Added Value

“Tangent90 is a Silver Certified Veeva Technology Partner. Their Trustrack solution works within Veeva CRM, enabling global medical and commercial teams to access journal articles and peer-reviewed scientific content (ePrints) for convenient and compliant sharing with HCPs, through Veeva CRM Approved Email.

Chris Moore, President Europe, Veeva

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“Trustrack is agile and responsive, allowing us to quickly ramp up to meet increasing demand. To date we’ve seen a 75% increase in rep usage, with the solution now implemented across the UK, Ireland and France, along with Spain.”
Gerard Akkerhuis
Daiichi Sankyo Europe
"When I want to share documents with 50 people I already know, I don’t need anything complicated – just a simple click of a button. Content is even more valuable when you have a usable platform for sharing it. The Information Centre gives us that."
Dr Oliver Hegener​
"For many years Springer Healthcare have recognised that Tangent90 are one step ahead of the pack in realising the value of publisher owned content in supporting medical and commercial education."
Callum Land​
Springer Healthcare Ltd

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