Rehab 2021 conference gains 98% attendee satisfaction for poster presentations

Tangent90’s innovative Nar8r solution enabled the conference organisers to provide a fully interactive event in a completely virtual environment.
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Maintaining and extending the reach of clinical data

The British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine (BSRM), the Society for Rehabilitation Research (SRR) and the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists for People with Learning Disabilities (ACPPLD) were in the third year of a joint conference programme focused on rehabilitation.

The conference programme began in 2019 and followed the traditional in-person event format, with a full programme of keynote presentations, workshops, exhibition hall and posters with a live audience of 160 delegates . When the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in early 2020, the three societies faced a challenge – how to extend the reach of their clinical content in a remote setting?

Adapting to a virtual conference programme

Their key focus needed to be on the poster presentations. Traditionally authors would present in-person, however a virtual environment posed a different test – how to attract and maintain interest in the virtual poster hall, whilst also expanding the potential reach of the content. With 24 hours of presentations, along with poster presentations running in two parallel tracks over the two-day event, Rehab 2020 and 2021 needed an experienced provider to guide them through the complexities of virtual event delivery.


Rehab 2021 conference gains 98% attendee satisfaction for poster presentations

A fully digital approach

Tangent90 started to support the Rehab conference in 2020 and with the demand for virtual congresses continuing, maintained their involvement in 2021. Working alongside the society, they provided expertise to help manage poster capture, along with their continued medical education (CME) requirements.

Tangent90 supported the poster presentations via the implementation of their clinical data communication platform, Nar8r. More than 30 posters submitted were recorded, with presenters able to remotely capture and share video presentations of their posters for the delegates to view. In total, 60 video files were recorded and edited over the two-day event. They also provided their suite of digital tools and services which were used to administer all CME obligations, providing customisable user groups, full audit and controlled parameters for access and allowing content download for attendees to compliantly consent and receive scientific and clinical data.





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Rehab 2021 conference gains 98% attendee satisfaction for poster presentations

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