Measuring omnichannel success

What does success look like? Is it simply proving return on investment – the thing all marketers talk about, and one of the hardest things to provide tangible evidence for?! Or are there other measures of success that can deliver the reassurance that the approach taken is the right one?

A recent article in Pharmaphorum discusses how the way we measure performance and success has changed and the impact that a digital-first approach has made. It highlights that detailed follow-ups to ascertain awareness of a particular product or solution are a thing of the past and that many companies have turned to omnichannel marketing to ensure a comprehensive approach.

In addition to the benchmarking discussed, there is an effective way to demonstrate engagement success by using peer-reviewed scientific content in digital format (ePrints). HCPs place high value on ePrints and evidence exists that delivery through pharma channels is highly appreciated by them (Across Health Navigator 365TM Core research in 2021). Therefore, simply comparing open rates, click-through rates and journey continuation metrics of ePrint sharing versus other content types, provides tangible evidence of engagement effectiveness.

Tangent90 focus on enabling the distribution of ePrints and related copyright content in all channels used by Pharma. Our Trustrack solution aligns well with the ‘science first’ approach adopted by many pharma companies and supports digital omnichannel engagement. Customers who have shared ePrints via our solution have already seen a significant increase in open rates and click-through rates which is helping inform the HCP engagement journey, enabling them to establish a continuous dialogue with HCPs.

Using our experience as one of the first-ever Veeva Silver Certified Technology Partners, Trustrack enables pharma to share digital copyright content directly with HCPs – managing the publishers’ copyright at source.

Our platform works within pharma’s existing ecosystem, allowing them to share ePrints, Quick-Take videos and article research summaries directly with the HCP via their existing channels. Working together with agencies, we can ensure your omnichannel strategy optimises every opportunity to deliver your desired ROI.

To find out more about how Tangent90 can support you in managing your scientific content distribution, please contact us at

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