Congress booth

Using Trustrack technology on your kiosk, significantly increases the ROI for congresses and events, and provides an intuitive and valuable experience for HCPs who visit your booth

  • Whilst reps are busy talking to customers, you can engage other visitors and initiate meaningful interactions with them, by making valuable content easily accessible via iPads or touchscreens
  • Trustrack integrates with the congress lead retrieval system and enables you to identify each HCP who accesses your kiosk
  • Ensure compliance by setting parameters for access to all your content, so HCPs from specific regions or countries are only able to access the content intended for them
  • Extend your customer reach and gain consent for further communications by offering valuable content to engage them, that is easy to access, in a self-serve environment
  • All insights on HCP content consumption through this channel can be easily pushed back into your CRM for immediate visibility for sales and marketing teams, closing the loop

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