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Tangent90 is a Silver Certified Technology Partner of Veeva Systems. In a relationship spanning over a decade, Tangent90 was one of the first partners to receive Silver Certified Technology Partner status. Our Trustrack solution has become the tool of choice for end-to-end distribution of published scientific content within Veeva’s CRM. It enables global medical and commercial teams to access journal articles and peer-reviewed scientific content (ePrints) for convenient and compliant sharing with HCPs, through Veeva CRM Approved Email. It also supports local regulations, such as Transfer of Value/Sunshine Act compliance by reporting associated values of content received by HCPs – including back to Veeva CRM for full visibility.

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"We have a strong, long-standing partnership with Tangent90. Our shared focus on customer success has enabled us to deliver published scientific content direct to HCPs through Veeva channels.”

Kristn Peck, VP Product Alliances at Veeva Systems

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