The OptInsight e-consent and preference management platform (CMP) is the solution for automating Healthcare Professional (HCP) personal data & consent status.

It offers a single source of truth, which allows pharma companies to manage their opt-ins/opt-outs and preferences on a country-by-country (tenant) basis, according to regional/local laws and regulations.

The extensive audit-trail on individual level, the capability to differentiate in processing activities, the high degree of configurability and the possibility to connect (API) with internal applications and digital channels makes the solution easy to use.

All opt-ins/opt-outs collected are stored real time in the OptInsight platform, no matter which communication channel is used.

Connecting and synchronising the platform with your available applications and channels to collect HCP data will lead to automatically updated HCP records without the need to do this manually.

Once your personal HCP data is optimised and stored in the right way, you have a solid foundation to start your sustainable digital omnichannel engagement with your customers.

Through our partnership with Tangent90, you can now increase consent capture rates by sharing published scientific content with Trustrack.

For our other services, please visit www.opt-insight.com.

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