Tangent90 Continues to Grow

Rob brings extensive life sciences and digital technology experience.

London, United Kingdom – 12 April 2023: Tangent90 Ltd, a leading technology company that enables pharma to overcome the challenges of sharing scientific digital content with healthcare professionals welcome the appointment of Rob Koster as Key Account Director.

Rob has an excellent track record of helping life science companies to deliver outstanding results, as well as building strong client relationships in the process. He has played a key role in the strategic development and commercialisation of numerous innovative digital health solutions to great success. His expertise in this area will be invaluable as we continue to focus on creating innovative solutions that positively impact HCP experiences and ultimately, patient outcomes.

“I’m pleased to be joining Tangent90 and working with the team here, as well as their fantastic clients. There is a very real need to innovate in the area of medical content accessibility for HCPs. Tangent90’s solutions are delivering on this need – I’m looking forward to improving the overall HCP experience with our pharma and publishing partners.”

“We are working with 15 out of the top 25 global pharma companies and are seeing a significant increase in demand for digital scientific content. This offers us an opportunity to develop further, with our key focus being on enabling pharma to distribute scientific content to HCPs whilst ensuring the publisher’s copyright is adhered to”, explained Jan van den Burg, CEO, Tangent90. “Rob’s extensive experience in SaaS and life sciences will help support us during this exciting period of growth”, he added.

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