Tangent90 and BMJ enter a strategic partnership

Enabling greater access to its scientific content and driving better engagement with healthcare professionals

London, United Kingdom – 28th September 2022: Tangent90 Ltd, a leading technology company that develops digital solutions to support pharmaceutical companies by enhancing their engagement with healthcare professionals (HCP), has entered a strategic partnership with BMJ.

BMJ is recognised as a global healthcare knowledge provider They have seen a significant increase in demand from clients expecting a global digital approach. This change in client expectation has emphasised the importance of having a long-term digital strategy. BMJ’s priority, therefore, was to provide a reliable solution that enabled them to deliver a better customer experience, as well as optimise HCP engagement with their ePrint content.

BMJ and Tangent90 have an established relationship. When demand for digital content increased, they quickly recognised that Tangent90’s Trustrack solution would enable them to compliantly distribute their publications across all digital channels, helping their clients drive better HCP engagement and providing tracking and insight.

“BMJ and Tangent90 will work together to facilitate the use of copyright scientific content as a core element of pharma’s strategic customer and stakeholder engagement”, explained Jan van den Burg, CEO Tangent90. “This partnership will highlight the opportunity to compliantly use BMJ’s ePrint content purchased by pharmaceutical companies as part of the omnichannel pharmaceutical marketing approach, including channels such as Veeva Approved Email and Engage”, he added.

“We were looking for a provider who could support BMJ in making the transformational changes pharmaceutical customers, HCPs and publishers expect for copyright content and ePrint delivery”, explained Nadia Gurney-Randall, International Reprints and Special Sales Manager, BMJ. “We want to deliver a better customer experience and optimise HCP engagement with our content via an approach that stays within the pharma omnichannel customer ecosystem. Tangent90’s Trustrack offers a comprehensive solution that not only allows us to protect and respect copyright via secure access to links for purchased content but also enables utilisation insights. We see Trustrack as a key part of our digital strategy moving forward”, she concluded.

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