Global pharma company rolls out online content library for key product

Trustrack generated 60% access to more popular papers and reached HCPs in Europe, Latin America and Asia
Articles uploaded to the content library
Different publishers provided content
Single sign on capability to access all content

Providing a single source of content with single sign on capabilities

A client with a product in rare diseases wanted to create an online library of content related to their first in class product. The project was described as a scientific lounge for HCPs.

Their challenge was to provide a large collection of critical studies from multiple publishing sources, track user access, transfer of value, understand user journey and stay copyright  compliant. As if this wasn’t enough the client also wanted to provide a single sign on for each user.

Their approach, aimed at time poor, specialist neurologists, also needed to capture consent to download multiple pieces of approved content in one easy transaction and be flexible enough to allow multiple future accesses to the content library.

Each article could be accessed through an online reader or downloaded to the HCPs desktop.

A scientific lounge for HCPs via Trustrack

The solution generated 60% access to some of the more popular papers and reached HCPs in key territories across Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Tangent90 used their Trustrack solution to enable the client to achieve the user journey they required. The links generated by Trustrack connected to the single sign-on solution within the client’s content library, enabling the HCP to have unlimited access to the content without having to re-enter their credentials each time. Their details were also captured for tracking and / or consent purposes. Usage reports were sent monthly, so that the client could track who was viewing the content and whether new content was needed for the library.


Global pharma company rolls out online content library for key product




Share published scientific content compliantly with HCPs through any of your channels. Including at congress, messaging apps, Veeva Approved Email and more!

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Online content library

Global pharma company rolls out online content library for key product

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