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Helping Pharma to build trust and confidence with clinicians is at the heart of Tangent90, the platforms and services that we offer

Tangent90 has innovation at its core

Below are examples of recent platform and service innovations we have built and delivered

The Resource Centre solution manages digital assets related to a standalone activity or purpose, such as Advisory Boards, virtual meetings, or educational events with CME points

The easily customisable user-interface ensures you can deliver tailored solutions that fit your needs within a very short timeframe

Selected insights are made available for upload to your CRM

  • Organise, manage, share and track any digital content related to a standalone activity or event
  • Equip specialist teams in Commercial or Medical with a repository of digital resources
  • Share specific content with event delegates

Please contact us to see examples of recent projects or talk to us about developing a Resource Centre, customised to your needs

The recent acceleration in the transition to digital events requires a unique and experienced mix of skills, software and services which Tangent90 brings

The Tangent90 team has a wealth of experience in digital event delivery from film production, engaging interactive content, digital sales aids, ePrint distribution, consent, approval and compliance. We can manage your digital event production and work with your association team, agency or event coordinator to deliver engaging digital events.

Tangent90 can also provide all of the reporting and metrics you might require associated with the digital assets used for the event

  • Virtual set capabilities, where we place recordings of your KOLs or presenters into virtual sets. All recordings and production can be achieved remotely
  • Full configuration and pre-production service by an experienced event team
  • Full reporting of all interactions
  • Fully customisable CME evaluation workflow, certificate personalisation and certificate download
  • Secure sponsor folders for sponsor materials, enquiry forms and reports
  • User registration and approval system with admin controls
  • Customisable user groups and controlled parameters for access
  • Virtual event platform and integration with platform of choice
  • Event links for post event circulation
  • Content links for sponsors to share specific pieces of content
  • Poster and integrated poster video recording and display
  • Linked SMPCs, guidelines, article links and commercial licensable ePrints for sponsors.
  • Live production management
  • Remote recording support
  • Full video editing

Digital engagement has never been so important, and Tangent90’s solution enables you to overcome the challenges associated with requesting and capturing consent in digital channels

Consent can be requested and captured via any channel, at the point of interaction, or whenever something of value is offered e.g. an ePrint via Trustrack

It can be implemented as a complementary approach, building on existing consent capture mechanisms, rather than replacing these

This remote consent capture is a two-click process which allows HCPs to submit an electronic signature or simply click a tick box, customised to your workflow

Depending on, and complementary to your existing CRM and consent capture configuration, consent can be captured:

  • by a rep during a virtual call
  • via Rep Triggered Email
  • on HCP portals / Pharma websites
  • during or before (virtual) meetings, conferences and congresses, with a live consent dashboard indicating consent status of attendees
  • via messaging platforms
  • from direct Email campaigns

Consent status can be immediately pushed back into your CRM, so it is always up to date in the customer record

Healthcare Professional identification and authentication

The robust identification and authentication of HCPs is critical to the Pharmaceutical Industry in this evolving digital era

If this is a challenge or consideration for you, please talk to us about the solutions we have provided for other Lifesciences organisations

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