The changing face of HCP engagement

It’s become an over-used term, hasn’t it – COVID? It seems to have been used as an excuse for everything, from airport baggage handling, to call centre queues, to the global cost of living crisis. But not every impact has been bad. Pharma, for instance, has had to expedite its digital transformation goals. The industry had to change overnight to remain in contact with its key stakeholders, healthcare professionals (HCPs).

Veeva Systems recently issued the results of their Veeva Pulse Trends Report. The report analysed over 130 million quarterly HCP-field interactions across 80% of global biotech and pharma companies. The data unveiled that key digital channels are considered vital for effective HCP engagement, and more strikingly that video meetings were three times more effective than face-to-face interactions. So now that digital is evidenced as an integral part of pharma’s marketing plan, is it being used effectively to ensure its impact is optimised?

We frequently quote research carried out by Across Health Navigator365™ Core research in 2021 which highlighted that digital content, such as ePrints delivered by Pharma to HCPs were considered high value by them (in the EU4, UK and US). However, the data not only showed the value placed on the type of content but it also established that the current reach of that content is limited. There is a real opportunity for pharma to plug this gap now.

Using our experience as a Veeva Silver Certified Technology Partner, we enable pharma to share digital copyright content, allowing them to compliantly distribute and track peer-reviewed scientific publications to drive meaningful engagement with HCPs. Our platform works within pharma’s existing ecosystem, allowing them to share ePrints, quick-take videos and article research summaries directly with the HCP via their existing channels. This quick and easy solution ensures that pharma can manage content distribution to HCPs. It provides a complete 360-degree view of what content has been shared and how it has been used, which is fed directly back to pharma’s CRM. This process provides actionable insights, as well as complete control of the volume of content shared to avoid overwhelming the HCP.

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77% of HCPs use digital channels primarily for personal learning and development. Bitesize pieces of information are easier to digest and retain, and therefore, it makes perfect sense that often time-poor HCPs would prefer this method of content distribution.

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Creating a seamless experience for HCPs across all your channels will ensure greater engagement with your brand. Enabling them to find the information they want in a format they prefer should be a key part of your omnichannel strategy. However, it’s important to remember that the HCP demographic is changing, and with that so should the method of delivering content. So how do we ensure that we serve up content that both engages the HCP and adds value for pharma?

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