Technology should support the rep not replace them

There have been a lot of discussions online about the future of the pharma rep. The reduction in face-to-face HCP interactions during Covid may have sounded their death knell but in reality, the situation is quite different. The evolution in innovation over the last two years may have taken the limelight but the pharma rep still has an important role to play in ensuring that new technologies are used effectively to improve HCP engagement.

An article in Medical, Marketing and Media discusses the importance of looking at the complete picture. Each element of a successful system needs to work in harmony and this is especially important when introducing new technology into the mix. The article mentions a survey where only 32% of those interviewed agreed that their software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms made work easier. Surely this defeats the very principle of SaaS solutions? Indeed, they rarely work in isolation. Along with the right solution, you need the right people and the right plan for it to work. But we need to change the perception of technology being a limitation. When used properly, it is quite the opposite and can even be the difference between success and failure.

Tangent90 understand the challenges pharma face when choosing the right technology. As a leading SaaS company, we work with pharma to support their reps with the compliant distribution of ePrints and related copyright content across all their channels. Our solutions support the ‘science first’ approach adopted by many pharma companies and deliver on their digital omnichannel engagement strategies and importantly, support the rep with technology that drives the value of the HCP engagement.

Much like the principle of having the right mix of people and solutions to ensure the best outcome, we value our experience as one of the first-ever Veeva Silver Certified Technology Partners. This well-established relationship enables us to deliver solutions that work in harmony with pharma’s existing ecosystem, allowing them to share digital copyright content directly with HCPs – managing the publishers’ copyright at source.

To find out more about how Tangent90 can support you in managing your scientific content distribution, please contact us at

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