Portal pressure – making pharma portals work

According to an article in Pharmaphorum, pharma portals are underutilised by HCPs, with low engagement rates and reports of poor user experience. These portals are key to supporting the communication of both promotional and non-promotional product information, whether that be patient information, the latest research, new indications, approval status, etc. So given the importance of the information they provide, how can pharma make the portal experience more valuable for HCPs?

Through providing original published scientific content. This type of content is three times more likely to influence HCPs’ prescribing habits according to a leading global publisher. This would help reduce the hesitancy with which HCPs view pharma portals, predominantly due to the perceived bias of the content they host. And as highlighted by Across Health Navigator365TM Core Research, delivering original published content such as ePrints through the pharma company portal is very impactful compared to other services delivered through the portal.

Tangent90 are a Silver Certified Veeva Technology Partner. Our market-leading SaaS solutions enable pharma to share peer-reviewed copyright scientific content directly with HCPs via their portals as well as other channels. Content collections as well as related content can be served up, ensuring HCPs have access to all of the data available for their chosen therapeutic area. Custom configuration and full alignment with the existing CRM, such as Veeva, allows pharma to tailor the experience, both for the HCP and the brand, whilst also gaining valuable insights into content usage, helping inform the next-best action approach.

To find out more about how Tangent90 can support you to manage your scientific content distribution, please contact us at hello@tangent90.com.

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