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Back in June, we talked about the return of congress and how the focus had changed. Around 40% of congresses are now operating a hybrid format but how are pharma managing to keep HCPs engaged? Optimising this whole experience has become a priority, from the initial transaction to providing measurable outcomes – it requires a complete organisational approach.

A recent blog in PMLive discussed the various tactics you can employ to take your HCP engagement to the next level. It starts with curated content. Personalising the approach for any congress attendee introduces the concept of choice. From the type of content to the way it is delivered, helps the attendee take control of their congress experience. At the same time, pharma can manage what content they share, with who, as well as understanding its usage beyond the congress itself.

The actual interaction at a booth also has its challenges. From an HCP perspective, they want access to congress literature quickly and easily – and answers to questions they have about the information presented, without spending time providing personal information and reviewing terms and conditions for content sharing. From the pharma company’s perspective, they would ideally like to understand who they are engaging with to continue the HCP dialogue beyond the congress. Either through personal or digital engagement and optionally supported through next-best-action approaches. In addition, understanding the engagement supports the assessment of the return on investment on congress participation.

Tangent90 delivers solutions that address both perspectives. HCPs can request highly valued scientific content via self-service kiosks with single-click identification or be sent content via commercial or medical team-operated apps that offer rapid identification. Both approaches avoid form filling by the HCP and deliver engagement insight by closing the loop with the customer relationship management system used. In addition, Tangent90 solutions drive engagement across the congress: driving symposium-initiated booth engagement, poster hall content sharing, multi-station booth tracking and of course given the hybrid nature of events, virtual sharing through congress microsites.

Our technology enables your agency and booth partners to add the critical ability to share copyright scientific content and close the loop at congresses, without getting in the way of their design approach and creativity.

To find out more about how Tangent90 can support you to manage your scientific content distribution, please contact us at [email protected].

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