Managing compliance

Pharma is overwhelmed by compliance. A recent article in Pharmaphorum states that a new regulation is announced around the world every 22 minutes. With thousands of new regulatory guidelines issued every year, it’s easy to forget that something as simple as sharing copyright scientific content also requires a compliant approach. Keeping on top of these additional compliance requirements is a challenge, but there is a solution.

Trustrack is Tangent90’s flagship platform. It enables pharma to share copyright content, allowing them to compliantly distribute and track peer-reviewed articles from scientific publications to drive meaningful engagement with HCPs. A recent study carried out by Across Health Navigator365TM Core Research, highlighted that delivering original published content, such as ePrints direct to the HCP, has a significant impact factor. This is an ideal opportunity for pharma to optimise its approach to maximise HCP engagement!

Alongside providing HCPs with something they value, this direct approach also allows pharma to drive customer acquisition, requesting consent at the point of interaction. As a Silver Certified Veeva Technology Partner, Tangent90 aligns with Veeva CRM, feeding all interaction data back into pharma’s existing systems. This allows pharma to gather valuable insights about every interaction and, tailor future communications, helping inform the next-best action approach.

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