Digital communication doesn’t need to cause ‘promo fatigue’

What have we learned from the last two years? We now know that we can communicate virtually. We can share information, maintain HCP relationships, and drive acquisition, all via the click of a button. The world has well and truly embraced a digital-first approach but how do we ensure that we don’t overwhelm HCPs, simply because the method of communication is easier?

FiercePharma recently discussed the challenge of ‘promo fatigue’. It is a real risk. The last thing pharma wants to do is spam its most important customers. It calls for a customised approach. HCPs are only interested in the right scientific data that is relevant to their area of expertise. Pharma can share that information as ePrints (digital versions of reprints). What is needed is a quick, easy and compliant way to deliver that content direct to the HCP via their channel of choice.

Trustrack is a platform provided by Tangent90 which enables pharma to share copyright content, allowing them to compliantly distribute and track peer-reviewed scientific publications to drive meaningful engagement with HCPs. As a specialist solution provider and Veeva Silver Certified Technology Partner, Tangent90’s Trustrack platform sits within pharma’s existing ecosystem, allowing them to share ePrints, quick-take videos and article research summaries directly with the HCP via pharma’s existing channels. This quick and easy solution ensures that pharma can manage content distribution to HCPs. It provides a complete 360-degree view of what content has been shared and how it has been used, which is fed directly back to pharma’s CRM. This process provides actionable insights, as well as complete control of the volume of content shared to avoid overwhelming the HCP.

To find out more about how Tangent90 can support you to manage your scientific content distribution, please contact us at

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