Accelerated digital transformation: a customer-first approach when engaging with HCPs

A recent article on by Paul Shawah, Executive Vice President of Commercial Strategy at Veeva Systems, highlighted the opportunity COVID has presented for pharma to accelerate digital transformation. It has forced the adoption of digital engagement channels and as a result, has become a real ‘game-changer’ for the pharma industry.

Pharma companies have responded by adopting ‘digital-first’ strategies which focus on providing the customer with more relevant and accessible content – a move welcomed by HCPs, who support remote engagement, as well as reps who are reaching significantly more HCPs than before the pandemic.

The article explains the impact of the customer-first approach. It highlights how customising messaging and delivery channel to each HCP works to ensure greater engagement and advocacy. This targeted approach also delivers valuable insights which helps inform future communications, allowing pharma companies to better meet customer needs, by futher deepening relationships through personalisation; applying targeted, digital marketing and focusing on key preferences, based on valuable data insights.

Adding delivery of published scientific content directly to the HCP, supports this approach and drives a better outcome. Tangent90’s Trustrack solution enables commercial and medical teams to send copyright scientific content through Veeva Approved Email and other channels, whilst protecting copyright, recording transfer of value in line with local regulations such as the Sunshine Act and the EFPIA disclosure code, and delivering an optimal experience for the HCP.

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To read the full article from Paul Shawah on, click here.

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