Closing the loop – how data can inform HCP engagement

It seems obvious, doesn’t it? The more information you have about something, the better informed you are. Well yes and no. We live in a world full of data – what we eat, what we watch on TV, how many hours we spend on the internet, etc. And CRM systems hold extensive data on customer profiles and behaviour. This data offers the ability to tailor and personalise the customer experience. But are we doing enough and what opportunities are there to optimise HCP engagement?

A recent article in PMLiVE by Simon Grime from Wilmington Healthcare highlights four key principles that pharma should be implementing. The first recommends looking beyond the marketing ‘persona’ to provide a 360-degree view of everyone. We all know this is not a new concept. Learning about customer behaviour and touchpoints, how and what they engage with, what their preferences are, etc is standard practice. The challenge is to do this at scale across the entire organisation.

The second principle advocates the importance of local knowledge. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Flexibility is essential to be able to adapt to local and regional variations. Pharma reps may need to target a small country-specific rare disease team or a large multi-country brand team. Having the right information about the contrasting requirements of different teams helps build a picture of customer needs.

The third principle highlights the importance of having the right digital capability across the whole business. We all engage more to a personal approach. Having the right systems in place to provide detailed data on customer engagement enables a company to segment its audience and tailor its approach accordingly. In a world where we have become overwhelmed with digital information, ensuring your messaging strikes a chord with your audience is invaluable.

Lastly, all this data needs continuous evaluation. The benefit of digital engagement is that it allows for in-depth analysis to review and refine your strategy to ensure it remains relevant – closing the loop to provide a complete picture.

Tangent90 are a Silver Technology Partner of Veeva Systems. We create marketing leading SaaS solutions that drive better access and ongoing engagement with HCPs. Alongside compliant copyright scientific content distribution, we also provide pharma rich data on HCP scientific content utilisation, channel use, transfer of value and consent captured in the interaction. This data is normally immediately stored in your Customer Relationship Management platform (CRM) to achieve an enhanced view of the customer.

To find out more about how Tangent90 can support your HCP engagement requirements, please contact us at [email protected].

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